On Repairing

Things break. In fact this happens quite often and somehow driven by chance they break at that very moment you need them the most. That statement is probably due to the fact that I was  never thankful to the items I use everyday when they actually worked. Of course you can’t expect something to work forever , provided you never thought of preserving it. So instead of pulling your hair (if you have one) and screaming like a terrified spanish kid , facing a charging bull in Pamplona , it’s better to understand how a thing works and where can you have it rebuilt rather than using the F-word and throwing it in the bin. But the knowledge required to do so might cost some time or even a degree in mechanics. Fortunately there are people whose hobby is to understand how things are made and how they work. They’re called engineers. A handful of companies will kindly provide you with specialist usually wearing glasses that can help you out with your technical mishaps regardless the scale of the problem. Just make sure you don’t allow them to stay for coffee or you will end up in deep regret for deciding to mend the old thing. I think those people are much less popular than they should be. Maybe even the guy who made my laptop shine and purr again needs a monument. Seriously people like this bring relief to every household or company and they get in reward such an insignificant amount of money that it’s much like a charity ticket. Imagine what life would be if you had to spend the rest of time figuring out which exactly was the broken bit called “catalyzer” of your car. Many might insist on high-profile purchases , expensive items which should last at least twice longer but everything apart from jewelery is not worth it. And at the end of the day you realize it’s all been made in China. Repairing is the smart way of renewal. You will be amazed how cheap the spare part can be , in fact my microwave oven must be a cat on the verge of its existence if we count the times it needed a “specialist”.  So hereby I am encouraging you to at least read the manuals of the items you purchase. Or watch a video on youtube about screwing a bolt and hammering a nail.  That knowledge is going to pay back. Promise given. When someday you decide to change your address it”s a great way to introduce yourself to the neighbors by helping them out with some engineering magic in the shed , just don’t overcook it.

Lazy-reader version : It’s way more efficient to do some research on how you can fix something than to go and purchase a new model that you don’t actually need or care about. Results will be surprisingly good.
And a tip from me – when it comes to cars – buy one from Germany.


On Friendship

Friends come and go. You tell that someone is your “friend” way too easily nowadays. The meaning of the word involves much more than a guy whose name you can’t recall but you remember his face from the bar or the gym or the lectures from the day before. Friends are to be trusted and you share very private and sensitive emotions with them , you ask them for advice when you’re desperate , you ask them for help when you are going through tough situation , you are eagerly anticipating their calls on your birthdays , you expect them to be honest with you and in return you’ll quite simply  do almost anything for a friend. You are willing to forgive anything to a close friend , on the basis of previous experience , the one they call “time of my life”.  Now tell me if you can do such things for a stranger. If you had “YES” in your mind , then it’s time to re-consider the church you’re going to.  There are some simple qualities of a friendship that are decisive when you sit back , grab a glass of wine and start thinking who’s on the very top of the list. And it’s not money or the drinking capabilities it’s the moments when you see your friend smile devilishly and you know he just farted , the messages , which at first glance doesn’t have any sense at all but you know the person who sent them had the meaning hidden for anybody else except you , the sense when you speak to a friend that he really enjoys your company , instead of just being “polite”.  It’s almost like love , except the sex. Of course you can have a female friend but either you have to be homosexual or be a friend with your wife. If a friendship has survived through the years and against the odds you still feel someone like “family” then you’re lucky. You’re also lucky every time someone tells you you’re a great friend without begging for it.
And someone less fortunate said to an even more lonely person “The dog is the man’s best friend” .

I disagree.

Lazy-reader version : Friends are not on Facebook  or Twitter. Don’t take your friends for granted. They are a deserved prize , the more the better. In fact you should give them a call right now and tell them how much you love them. I will.

On Education

What do we need education for? Some would say we need it because we are on the highest spot in terms of evolution in the known universe , and we need to stay there. Teachers will be shocked if anyone doubted the need of thorough history investigation or chemistry experiments or Maths. Well , there used to be common sense in the education systems but there is  a man called Tim Berners-Lee who simply rewrote the very principles of it and dug the foundations of a new era , and he didn’t even do it with such particular intention , how sweet.  Nowadays the best scientific institutions are not the MIT or Oxford or Cambridge , well  they are but to a very narrowed group of super-talented geniuses. The ordinary sinful man , which also enjoys a beer alongside the studies or perhaps even a hobby , knows three other , I dare say equally big knowledge wells – wikipedia , google and youtube. Will Smith once said “Read , you can’t come across a problem that hasn’t bothered someone else before , and he has written about it.” His words apply perfectly for the case , with online sharing of information and we’re talking of huge volumes the approach to a problem is rather different than it used to be , you can literally ask the man who came up with the solution what are the best options for your case. It would take time though. If you approach the case as an economist things get even better , no one wants to read from a textbook that is out of date and costs twice the amount of money for Internet and can only be used by one person.
To stay on topic – today we don’t need to force teens to study all the subjects thoroughly , I think this is a waste of talent and time – why should a young poet waste precious hours on chemistry , while he could be the new Shakespeare. My point is that children has to be taught how to fully enjoy the goods of the web , with just maybe a little supervision , maybe. 14 year olds and I’m sure about that can achieve the IQ level of a 50 year old man from the past within a fraction of the time he once spent. And I can feel the arguments about quality already building up in your heads. Well lets face it – the education today may be a complete joke , I’m not saying it is , I just suggest that if one decides to abuse its weaknesses it could be. Online diplomas , remote education and so on , just to receive a piece of paper with your name on it and a lot of memories of getting drunk. And even if you have put down the effort to graduate the best institutions in your country , one day you’ll inevitably go to a job interview and they will let you know , be sure about it , that you’ve not gained enough experience during the course of that 3-4-5 year study and you need to clean a lavatory for a year or two before you can apply for a more noble job. And yes – your boss didn’t go to Harvard , but he simply used the technique which was used by one of the late legends of our era – Mr.Steve Jobs – accumulate knowledge only in the fields you desire and do your best to be the best at it.

Lazy-reader version: Allow the Internet in the classrooms , don’t enslave the children with in-depth knowledge on plutonium , they can get the information quite easily if they need it. Keep the education in the pace of technical progress and we might have the future pictured in “The Jetsons”.