On Work

“I’ll get a job!”.  It all starts with this. Driven by either poverty or clinical boredom everyone sooner or later decides to get a grip on his life and start doing something constructive. The global idea is to start earning  experience and own money and eventually independence. The vague contours of the idea seem reasonable but execution is as easy as swimming 100m underwater. If I was a statistics geek which I am not I bet 90% of the population isn’t actually employed in the desired business area. And at least those 90% are convinced that their labor is underpaid. Why is that happening? Why is everyone thinking that they deserve the CEO’s desk? On the outside it seems quite a sweet job. But be careful what you wish for! The luxury lifestyle and the giant salary are as attractive to the normal employee as is fresh meat to starving piranhas but on the other hand the high-profile executive’s life is a nightmare. They are actually in a position to make the type of mistake that may turn out to be the cause of a pulled trigger. Work has devoured leisure time. And the aging process is noticeable from New Year’s Eve to Christmas. Cliches become so for a reason – “with the big power also goes big resposibility”.
So what happens next? Where should we start? All the ambitions are there but the absence of experience and references overcomes your charm and qualification (men only). And there comes the time for sacrifice – lower your expectations and make the first step of the ladder. From that moment on you start to realize that actually things are not quite like you have imagined. The textbook archives in your brain are useful but are not even half the business. You need to level up in terms of professional skills and overall knowledge. And we all know the leveling up happens as a reward for the gained experience. Although it really is simple most of the people don’t make it.  The most common mistake is to forget your goals set from the beginning. To reach an average step on the ladder and to stay there in safety’s sake. It’s another trigger puller. Not that sharp and sound but very prolonged and boring. Personally I think it’s a blessing to work with passion. Athletes , artists , entertainers , writers and all the others that cash out their talents and hobbies are living a dream. For the rest of us – keep calm and get promoted regularly.

Lazy-reader version : Finding the right job is a quest. No matter what you do your effort is going to be recognized at some point. Qualification is an advantage but not an insurance. Dedication and hard work are the foundations of a successful career. Don’t allow failure to tweak your mind.  Get deeply involved in your business and go for gold.


On Luck

Most people would ignore the existence of luck and will explain it with hard work and dedication. Others would claim that your destiny will somehow manage its way through laziness , ignorance and pessimism and glorious days will come. I’m on both sides. The universe is based on the equilibrium of matter and anti-matter. So what’s so wrong with believing that for every misfortune that happens to you someone else gets blessed with luck or the same way around.  When you find a coin most definitely someone has stepped into the aftermath of a dog’s meal. And luck is not measured with gambling profits or red light surges without an accident. Luck is the magic to experience an event you desire at the right time. With the proper mindset you will be surprised how lucky you can get.It’s time to explain another aspect of the phenomenon called luck – its diversity. Don’t ever believe that the lottery jackpot is your destiny , otherwise people will label you as a fool , except if you actually win it. Then give me a call. But if you are not the one out of millions whose call I’m bound to answer someday don’t feel robbed. Luck is always there even in smaller amounts. If you for example live in a tall building every time the elevator is waiting for you on the ground floor you are lucky. Thus said luck can be explained also with the arrival of an unoccupied taxi when you are in a hurry or with the presence of a person who can speak fluent English in the train when you’ve just realized you are lost in a foreign country. If we approach the topic like market experts the definition will be something like this: there is much more demand than supply of the resource therefore you need to sign up for the waiting list. Luck is unmeasurable. What you secretly pray for at night might seem literally pointless to someone else. And the other fundamental rule is that neither you nor anyone else can force the occurrence of luck. The right strategy is to have faith in luck and to always try to clear its path even on the tiniest scale. Everyone who has tried it will say it works.

Lazy-reader version : Apart from the positive attitude encouragement there are also things that make sense when we explore luck and misfortune from an unbiased perspective. I think there’s a fine line between the two opposing sides , a yin yang composed of happiness and grief and it’s constantly shifting and gets to both ends for a lifetime. Listen to your senses which are actually nature’s voice , whispering “there is your luck , go for it”. and seize every bit of the amazing gifts that life can offer.